A warm reminder Voice Prompts Devices which can exchange for your life

A warm reminder Voice Prompts Devices which can exchange for your life

2019-09-17 16:43:53


In recent years, escalator accidents is happed a lot and occurred in many tragedies. Such as :
1,10,000 people were injured in an escalator accident in the United States last year.
2,In the year of 2006, there were 1,092 escalator accidents in Hong Kong, increase 82% than 2003, but the number of escalators used in the same period increased by only 17.9%.
3,The escalator accidents in other parts of China are on the rise as well . Although the escalator mortality rate is lower ,but the economic losses and the damage are very serious.
In order to solve the problem from the source, it is better to set up an 'Alarm ' in escalator, so it can remind us for safety all the time .

Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co.Ltd has developed a warm safety reminder for the escalator, Voice Prompts Devices it can support play MP3 file, sound quality is good, volume adjustable, 220 power supply and lithium battery power supply mode, voice can be freely customized and free to change, for the safety of people's lives, quickly order installation Let's go.


Here are product features:
1. Using human body sensing technology to trigger play voice automatically.
2. The sensor can be rotated 60° left and right to easily change different sensing areas;
3. Voice content can be changed .
4. . Can set the mode of playing voice, there are single loop and track sequence loop and random play mode;
5. Product solution: MP3 playback solution, the sound quality is better than ordinary sound;
6. Support external TF card or built-in SPI-FLASH playback, prefer TF card, IF card supports hot swap;
7. The built-in FLASH voice update uses the TF card method to update its voice file;
9. Support MP3 audio.
10. Built-in amplifier and speaker with power up to 2W/8Ω, which can adjust the volume;
11. Built-in charging circuit, with automatic sleep power consumption is low, can stand for a long time;
12. Working voltage DC-5V and lithium battery DC3.7Vwww.wtvoice.com

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