Application of human body induction voice Prompts Devices in advertising

Application of human body induction voice Prompts Devices in advertising

2019-10-10 15:49:18


What is human body induction Voice Prompts Devices? It is a technique that uses infrared pyroelectric principles to sense information about human activity. When someone enters the sensing range, it can accurately identify the information of human activity and trigger the playback of the sound file. Just like the eyes of a cat. It does not rely on light. It works steadily even in dark environments.
So how do you use a sound player in a chain store?
First of all: welcome the doorbell, voice brand promotion.
You can install it at the door of the store. When someone enters its sensing range, it automatically senses and plays the sound, for example: Hi, hello, welcome to the XX store. Let customers hear your store name. Then, after the same sound is unified in the national chain stores, people all over the country will hear this sound every time.
When they enter the store. Everyone knows that this exclusive sound is a XX convenience store.

Second: advertising promotion
When there are seasonal promotions for new products or products in your store. For example, a chain pharmacy is prone to coughing in winter. He uses cough medicine in the store as the main promotional means. You can set up some cough medicine ads and place them next to the display stand or next to the cash register. When customers enter the store, they usually do not actively consult employees. What activities are there in the store now? Different product promotions can be placed on different display shelves. Then, when he approaches the booth, or can hear the advertisement at the checkout counter, it will motivate the customer's desire to buy. Even though I didn't buy it at the time, the customer's word of mouth exceeded 10, and everyone around him knew about the promotion.

The human body sense voice prompter does not need to continue to play like a speaker, so the customer and the salesman will feel very noisy. Our voice prompter is more intelligent. After the person is touched, the adjustable sound can be changed and the customer experience is very good. .

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