Safety reminder of vehicle escorts your journey!

Safety reminder of vehicle escorts your journey!

2019-07-09 19:34:39


   Driving is a stressful thing when driving a long-distance transporter. I believe that you will feel tired and hungry after a hard day's work. It can't avoid it. But be careful that you can forget that you are still driving at this situation? If you are dozing off during driving, the danger is of course very high. However, you are very tired at this time, it is inevitable to doze off, then is there any way to make you not to fall asleep while driving? The answer is yes.

This driving safety reminder which i introduce to you today has such a function.
1. It can let the car automatically play a voice to remind you when starting up: "Please fasten your seat belt”.
2. It will automatically remind you to take a 20-minute break After driving for 4 hours (time can be customized): "The driving time is too long, please rest and then continue driving
3. The sound is loud and plays a role of reminding at any time.
4. It only needs to be fixed in the cab.
5. Can change voice through USB disk
6. Optional power supply mode: 12V or 24V
7. You can customize more voice prompts, such as: I wish you a happy trip! ""Foot driving, please pay attention to safety"

   A small voice player is equivalent to a family member remind the driver. When you record your own family's voice ,it will feel like your family is always with you.

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