Smart shopping guide machine MicroSound advertising promotion

Smart shopping guide machine MicroSound advertising promotion

2019-09-24 16:04:36


Have you seen a smart shopping guide? The name is microSound, which has been widely used in supermarkets, it is able to introduce product when people is around.
The advantage of this microSound product guide machine is that it can set to introduce product according to the distance between the customer and the shelf , greatly enhance the influence of the product.

MicroSound shopping guide machine has small size, beautiful sound quality, the most interesting design is it has a small and cute, rotatable sensor head, rotation angle up to: 120 degrees, you can according to the flow of people in the mall to adjust the angle , overcoming the problem that the previous plane is integrated and the orientation of the probe cannot be adjusted according to the objective environment.
MicroSound, the sound file is changeable by the installer according to the needs, support 1G TF card, enough to accommodate the number of files you want, you can change the voice through the TF card. High-quality MP4 audio format, playing sound is loud and clear.

MicroSound advertising promotion is lovely device , i am glad to share with

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