Smartsound Voice Prompts Devices guarantee for escalator safety

Smartsound Voice Prompts Devices guarantee for escalator safety

2019-09-10 11:50:28


The elevator accidents that have occurred frequently in recent days a. The policeman reminded the general public to try to stand up while taking the elevator,Do not walk around as well, Be careful not to let children play on the elevator, Do not lean your body against the armrest when the elevator is running, which is dangerous. Do not walk barefoot when riding, irreversibly walk and sit on the pedals. In the event of an emergency, the brake button should be pressed as soon as possible. If the text can be played out by voice, people will not be more secure when riding the elevator, so as to avoid some accidents



For now , in order to prevent some security risks, Waytronice company has researched and developed day and night, and finally developed a Voice Prompts Devices for use on escalators and elevators, which greatly reduces security risks. - Smartsound remind the majority of people through voice to pay attention:
1 Determine the running direction to avoid stepping
2 Beware of skirts, laces, etc. are caught
3 don't step on the ladder junction
4Do not rely on the escalator or lean on the armrest
5 don't play and fight
6 Do not let children elderly people ride alone
 7 sudden accidents, cry out for help, remind others to press the emergency stop button

The features of smartsound as following :

Adopt infrared sensor technology, automatically triggering to play voice.
The sensor can be rotated around 60 °, easy to change different induction field.
Support to replace micro SD card contents directly through the PC (computer) or USB, without any software.
The read way of the voice address is confirmed according to the file storage order.
Can set playing modes, such as single play, order play and random play.
Adopt MP3 playing solution. Sound quality is better than the ordinary sound.
Support external micro SD card or built-in SPI-FLASH, preference to micro SD card which supports hot plug.
Replace voice files of FLASH via micro SD card .
Built in power amplifier and 2W/8Ω loudspeaker, available to adjust volume.
Built in charging circuits, auto sleeping, low power consumption, long standby time.
DC-5V operation voltage and DC3.7 lithium battery.

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