Smartsound Voice Prompts Devices

Smartsound Voice Prompts Devices

2019-09-02 15:16:13


Recently, I found a new MP3 high quality wireless doorbell on Amazon. I bought one and it feels very good. The sound quality is much better than the ordinary doorbell. The sound is loud enough and the volume control wheel is on it.

I installed Voice Prompts Devices at the door of the store. Whether the guest enters or exits, it triggers the sound to play, and the voice file can be changed to another MP3 file, because in his case, I recorded a small voice file and loaded it! In addition, the sound of the entrance and exit can be set differently!


Further, it is equipped with a transmitter. At the beginning, it is a transmitter in the upstairs entertainment room. When the customer needs service, they can simply press the transmitter and the waitress can catch upstairs. Providing customer service is very convenient, so there is no need to arrange a waitress to wait for the customer's request. Then the owner customized some transmitters, installed in each entertainment room (chess room, billiard room, etc.), as long as the sound of each transmitter is recorded to the corresponding room number, you can know which room needs to be repaired.
I also bought one for my family. There are two front and back doors in the house. So I installed two emitters. The launcher is waterproof, so I know which door has a guest. It is very reliable outdoors. When I put it indoors, I will be moved when I go out. I set up a reminder to remind me to go out and remember to bring my key wallet. I used to forget to bring a key or wallet. I installed this sensor doorbell and I don't have to worry anymore. These life details!

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