Smoke control voice reminder

Smoke control voice reminder

2019-07-04 09:26:31


Many countries stipulate that smoking is not allowed in public places, such as office buildings, hospitals, stations, etc. Many administrators or managers of community always trying to solve this problem, due to smoking in public places creates a problem that is not clean and difficult to clean,and it is also a great hazard to the people who smoke second-hand smoke.

 It is hard to control everyone to obey rules by human , so we will need a device to tell the smokers that smoking in public places will be punished .once we can remind smokers all the time, they will slowly converge and change.


Here it is a 24-hour smart-sensing voice prompter to remind smokers that you can't smoke here, it can be used in a variety of is also helped many company and community to reduce their labor cost , and provide 24-hour voice prompts. The name of model l is MicroSound. Product parameters as following :
small size, Support to play high-quality MP3 voice file, beautiful sound;
Adjustable volume
Human body sensor to trigger , the working distance is 4 meters;
The product adopts MP3 player scheme, it is easy to get voice file , and the sound quality is better than the ordinary sound ;
Customized memory size ,standard is 32M SPI-flash,
Support USB update voice files to the built-in FLASH, which can update multiple voices;
Use 3*AAA battery or USB power supply, choose one of the two,
Built-in 8Ω1W speaker.

   Choose our smoke control voice prompter to help you , you can install it in the toilet, stairway and other places of the unit, as along as people pass by,it will play voice file automatically .
This voice prompter is developed and produced by Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co.,Ltd. It has a variety of styles to choose from and has beautiful sound.. If you need it, contact us freely !!!!
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