Timing playing voice prompts devices for elevator

Timing playing voice prompts devices for elevator

2019-09-30 14:27:03


1. Product function
KingSound is a smart human body voice prompts devices, which can set different voices to be played in different time periods. The infrared time can set the current time, up and down music selection, volume addition and subtraction, widely used in schools, government agencies, exhibition halls, Public or other reminder places such as supermarkets, stations, airports, etc., provide real-time timekeeping or other warm reminders for customers with strong time views, in order to facilitate users to change the setting time and meet the different needs.

2. Product Features
Support 8~320Kbps MP3 audio format playback, beautiful sound quality;
Voice update is convenient, users can copy audio files to internal FLASH through U disk;
Supports built-in maximum 128M SPI Flash as a carrier for storing voice;
Using FIR body sensing trigger mode;
Confirm the voice address playback selection by using the file storage order;
Fully automatic trigger voice playback, prompt slogan, with power-down memory function;
With clock display function, the current time, up and down song selection and volume addition and subtraction can be set by infrared remote control;
Built-in high-power amplifier and speaker, power up to 8Ω/10W, volume 8 can be adjusted;
External AUX input, automatically play external audio source when external audio input;
The power supply mode can be AC 100 ~ 250V or DC12V;
The timing/time-time voice prompter can be used to select a variety of trigger modes, and the external device can be used to easily display the title of the advertisement. Stations, docks, road cars, subways, escalators, airports, etc. can be opened according to the pedestrian situation of the road. Or turn off the light box backlight, on the one hand to save energy, on the other hand automatically turn off the sound, will not affect the rest of the residents next to, voice content can be customized according to customer needs.


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