Voice Prompts Devices Business Welcome Doorbell

Voice Prompts Devices Business Welcome Doorbell

2019-09-02 15:31:26


What is the Voice Prompts Devices business welcome doorbell? Many people say that the welcome doorbell is a device that only plays the "welcome" sound, which is very normal.

But today I want to talk about the commercial doorbell. First of all, the voice files we can play are not only "popular". Because the word is useful everywhere, not innovative enough, and not attractive enough. Second, we don't use a normal one-way design because the one-way design only plays one sound file. It is also logical to report the welcome if the guest is out.



We use infrared detection technology, which is made with a new voice chip. When you enter the door, it will play "Welcome to our store." When you go out, it will play "See you, have a good day", some people are very curious, how is this done? How do I know if people are going out or going in?
Shenzhen Weichuang Electronics Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the voice industry for 20 years. After a long period of research and exploration, it has finally taken a big step. Two-way voice prompters use different sensors than other common sensors. It actually has two infrared emitters. When two people pass in different directions, two sensors are triggered back and forth. The first triggered sound will play the corresponding sound, and the second sensor will not trigger again, thus achieving different access to the door. . At the same time, the MP3 solution used in the voice solution has good sound quality. The biggest feature is that customers can change their voice at any time through U disk, SD card or directly, which is very user-friendly. www.wtvoice.com

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