Voice Prompts Devices eminder to solve personnel attendance problems

Voice Prompts Devices eminder to solve personnel attendance problems

2019-09-30 14:17:22


Coversation :
Worker : Dear, I forgot to make daily attendence yesterday morning. What should I do?
HR : you forgotten three times this month! ~~
I always listen to my friends who work in state-owned enterprises complaining about forgetting to make daily attendence, if you are working in Shenzhen, you have to do that ,but you have so much job to do everyday , you may have same situation as my friend, it is most common thing to do. This is also the trouble for HR department in every company !
A good new for you is our HR department never worry about this kind of thing!The reason is very simple, we are specializing in the voice prompter product , specifically developed a KingSound V4.0 which support "timing playing ", use the sound to remind you to remember to do daily attendence ,it is use infrared sensor to remind people ! Such as, when you are going to work, it can remind you when you passby during 7.00 am -9.00 am ---- "Please remember to do daily attendence .when you off work, it can remind you during 17.30 pm -0.00 am . When someone passes, you will be reminded that "hard work, please call after work." Time can be set up freely by remote control, voice file Can be replaced at any time

KingSound V4.0 Voice Prompts Devices reminder using pyroelectric body sensing technology, can choose to play different voice content according to different places and different time periods, easy to install, simple to operate, widely used in schools, government agencies, exhibition halls, supermarkets, Public or other reminder places such as stations and airports.

Product features :

Using pyroelectric human body induction triggering method;
Support 8~320Kbps MP3 audio format playback, beautiful sound quality;
Voice update is convenient, users can automatically copy audio files to internal memory through U disk;
Built-in memory, voice playback time can be customized according to customer needs;
has a loop playback function and has a power-down memory function;
With clock display function, you can set the current time, up and down song selection and volume addition and subtraction through infrared remote control;
Built-in 8Ω/2W high power speaker, 8-level volume setting

From now on , no company will has this trouble again if you have a Kingsound V4 reminder .Any interest ,please contact us at 0086 13767756553 www.wtvoice.com

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