Welcome Doorbell Voice Prompts Devices

Welcome Doorbell Voice Prompts Devices

2019-09-17 16:52:45


Does your doorbell only can playing "Welcome"? If the answer is yes, then you are too old .Let's take a look at the good sound welcome doorbell of Shenzhen Waytronic Co.,Ltd Electronics. It support to play Whatever you want it to say, and it is MP3 sound quality playback, loud and clear.

Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd. develops and produces the voice prompting device with human body sensor. Voice Prompts Devices can download the recording file to update the voice content, single-segment playback or multi-cycle (induction trigger) welcome speech, and the voice content is downloaded and replaced by TF card. Sounds such as slogans/songs/music/alarms can be used as ring tones, more personalized and smarter.

Here are the feauture for your ref :
1 Small and exquisite, MP3 audio format, excellent sound quality.
2 Two levels volume for option, small or maximum.
3 Human body induction, induction distance within 4 meters.
4 Using WT2003 voice chip solution, unrepeatable triggering pulse. Ø Standard 32Mbit SPI-flash, available to replace capacity according to customer requirements.
5 A and B buttons are corresponding to the previous audio, the next audio.
6 Power-down memory function.
7 Micro USB interface.
8 Support to replace the audio files of SPI Flash through USB interface on computer.
9 3 AAA batteries or USB for power supply.
10 Built-in 8Ω1 watt speaker.

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