What are the benefits of automatic voice prompts for banks?

What are the benefits of automatic voice prompts for banks?

2019-05-17 18:54:33


Most users will choose a self-service bank ATM to handle the small amount of deposit, retrieval, remittance and detailed inquiry. Without manual assistance and supervision, in order to ensure the safety of users' property, the state has gradually introduced policies. Self-service banks must be equipped with automatic voice prompts that can prompt users to operate safely. What are the benefits of automatic voice prompts for banks?


Benefit 1: Intelligent customer experience

At present, the domestic professional automatic voice prompting device can be used as a welcoming person to improve the bank image and reflect the humanized side of the bank. The automatic voice prompting device adopts infrared human body sensing technology and has two-way identification function. According to the user's incoming and outgoing broadcasts, different prompts are displayed. When it is sensed that people enter the ATM self-service machine, it will trigger a warm and safe reminder, and broadcast the welcome statement “Welcome, please pay attention to personal funds security. If you need help, please call our customer service hotline 955XX”; When you "return the bank card, discount, cash, pay attention to safety, welcome to come again." The automatic voice prompter can also be used on the doorway to sense the user's entry and exit, to a certain extent, to warn the user who is currently using the ATM machine, to provide a more warm welcome service for the user.

Benefit 2: Security Intelligence

For banks, security is the biggest problem at present, and banks have higher security requirements when conducting business. Various types of alarm probes such as door magnets, automatic voice prompts, smoke detectors, glass breakers, etc. are installed in the banking outlets and various departments. At the same time, there are alarm trigger devices linked with the public security system to ensure the safety of the banks at various times. . The automatic voice prompter infrared sensor will broadcast the voice prompt when someone comes in. "Welcome to XX Bank, please pay attention to your own prevention, do not send money to strangers"; "Welcome to XX Bank, you have entered the monitoring network area, please pay attention to the card "Safety" and other prompts, you can change the voice easily and quickly, and can play a wake-up role for some new tricks.

The benefits of using the automatic voice prompter in the bank, with welcome greetings, human body recognition greetings, is equivalent to saving a labor cost, real-time reminding users of personal and property safety to avoid unnecessary personal injury. The high-stability automatic voice prompter is like the personal guardian in the self-service bank. The safety awareness of the user is alert to the safety operation consciousness, which greatly reduces the occurrence of fraud cases, and eliminates the safety hazard to play a very important role for the user to set sail.

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