What is the convenience of the automatic voice prompter for the store?

What is the convenience of the automatic voice prompter for the store?

2019-05-17 19:30:14


High-quality automatic voice prompters have recently become more popular and sought after by the majority of store users, bringing new tricks to the majority of users. It not only alerts you and alerts you when there is an action, but also plays the welcome music when someone is near the door, even if he doesn't press the doorbell. The following small series for everyone to list the convenience of the emergence of automatic voice prompts for the store?

Convenience one: voice welcome language to increase the atmosphere to promote consumption

When the visitor visits, there is no need to knock on the door and press the doorbell button at the door. The automatic voice prompter can automatically sense the voice of the human body to remind the user, and prompts the guest to visit to prevent the situation from happening for the visitor. When the customer visits, they will broadcast “Welcome” and when they go out, they will play “Thank you, please go slowly”! Not only courtesy, but also the customer has a sense of respect, two-way identification, different voices are smarter and more polite, avoiding the door-to-door is all welcome. Moreover, the design of the greetings of holidays can also be designed in the welcome mode to increase the atmosphere and promote consumption. The automatic voice prompter also emits a variety of crisp and pleasing music, giving guests a sense of relaxation.

Convenience 2: Maintenance of shop security encounters abnormal conditions or characters can sound a warning to remind users

The so-called one-off is not open, the automatic voice prompter will double the volume and be more loud in the anti-theft mode, which is very suitable for all major stores. Generally, it is turned on at night, and the anti-theft mode can effectively prevent thieves from entering the room, and the distance that can be sensed can be far wider through the bracket adjustment, and a warning sound is generated to alert the user when an abnormal phenomenon or a person is recognized. The automatic voice prompter allows the user to know the store situation at any time, which is safer and more worry-free than the traditional doorbell.

Convenience 3: Simplify the work of welcoming staff and reduce staff costs for shops

Traditional shops, hotels, supermarkets will be equipped with a welcome lady, and she is just a person, there is no way to let her stay outside for 24 hours a day, the automatic voice prompter appears to replace the location of the welcome lady. Save a lot of cumbersome things for the relevant personnel, it will more effectively enhance the overall image of the storefront, and stimulate customers' desire to purchase to facilitate the transaction of the business. The automatic voice prompter is suitable for brand stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, hotels, cinemas, shops, warehouses, office buildings, companies, factories and other places. Sweet pronunciation can be used as a welcome lady.

Nowadays, many shops have installed automatic voice prompting devices, mainly for the purpose of automatically recognizing the arrival of customers and proactively welcoming guests to better help the store to create a good service image and promote sales. The high-stability automatic voice prompter can be selected in a variety of function modes during operation, and the user can quickly change the mode through the remote controller according to his actual needs.

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