What is the reason for the widespread use of elevator station announcers

What is the reason for the widespread use of elevator station announcers

2019-04-08 11:43:04


The development of China's real estate industry also stimulated the rapid development and expansion of the elevator stops machine industry in China, the elevator has become almost everywhere of people's lives improve tools, quality assured of elevator stops provides great convenience for people's life of the elevator stops floors of communication interface to the outside world to collect information transmission to communication processing chip, the design method is relatively simple.This is why elevator station announcer is widely used, the following two aspects of technology and cost are described in detail.


1. The combination of numerous technologies makes the system safe and reliable

Today's elevators have an elevator voice reporting station that includes a communications processing chip, a PCM (pulse code modulation) voice chip, a speaker, and a level input port.Communication processing chip and PCM voice chip communication connection.The elevator station announcer device also includes a power module, a communication processing chip, and each power module is connected to the PCM audio chip and a speaker.The power supplies power to the communications processing chip, the PCM voice chip, and the speaker. 

2. Simple design with low cost

The communication processing chip of the elevator station announcer has a communication interface. In addition, the audio information can be encoded and reproduced after decoding by the PCM audio chip, because it is played to the speaker connected to the PCM audio chip. This design method is simple and low cost.The communication interface is used to send the floor information collected from the outside to the communication processing chip.The announcer of the elevator station announcer also includes a button for adjusting the volume, which is communicatively coupled to the communications processing chip.The PCM speech chip of elevator station announcer includes a speech memory module for storing speech and background music data.The elevator station announcer may also contain an audio storage module for storing voice and background music data.The stored voice and background music data are the collection of voice and background music information corresponding to each floor respectively. The power supply is the communication processing chip.

In a word, at present, elevator station announcer mainly stores and plays the information of floor station by MP3.However, the elevator station announcer with good quality and good after-sales service needs to cooperate with larger storage medium to realize the storage of elevator floor station information.Moreover, elevator station announcer has higher requirements on hardware, which generally requires a dedicated elevator station announcer decoder chip. In addition, the design of MP3 hard decoder circuit inside the elevator station announcer also makes the cost of MP3 decoder chip higher.


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