What's the effect of using voice prompter in haunted houses?

What's the effect of using voice prompter in haunted houses?

2019-05-28 16:47:45


What role does the voice prompter play in a haunted house?When we decorate the haunted house, it should be surrounded with a horror theme.Therefor, there are three key factors can not be ignored.

voice prompter

First, the light effect. The color of the room should be somber, so the dominant tone can adopt black, dark blue and deep purple.

Second, the decoration. The bat, human skeleton and zombie are the classic items in haunted house. Even some times, people will act as zombie to achieve more scarier effect.

Last but not the least , the background sound. A horror scene with a thriller sound can let people be personally on the scene. But how the play the right sound at right time and right place? Someone will say, just install the sound equipment and let the sound play all the time. But if the sound always playing, people will get used to such voice, not to mention has a horror feeling.
Others will thought maybe they can control the switch of the sound, when the scene need the sound, then let the device switch on. In such condition, there should be a person who responsible for the sound play and the haunted house should has the monitoring aids.

Did you think play the sound by person is the best solution? I think it not the best solution, because the operator will be the key point, how about when he lose his concentration or he failed to play the sound timely?

If there is a device which can detect the visitors within certain areas, then play the voice, the haunted house will be more funny and achieve the horror theme more easily.

SHEN ZHEN Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd focused on such device more than 20 years, it has developed 5 Sound series. Today, let me introduce one of the Sound- PowerSound for you.

Below are the product features:
1. Using infrared induction technology, the sensor has wide induction range.
2. Support DIY. Features and accessories can be customized;
3. Support use buletooth to change the voice, supper convenient.
4. Built-in MP3 module with 5-30 minutes, supporting MP3 format.
5. Support two play modes: loop sequence, single playback.
6. 10-level volume control, built-in 10W power amplifier circuit.

Different diameter, shape, volume also available, if you are interested in our products, pls contact us for more details .http://www.wtvoice.com/

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