Why iPhone users can not recording voice while calling

Why iPhone users can not recording voice while calling

2019-05-20 17:30:32


When you want to call recording, but your iPhone does not have such a function, how to solve this problem?

The reason why iPhone did not has such function is related to the local private policy. To aviod the disputes, all kinds of iPhone do not the recording function.

So what should we do when we want to recording some voice while calling? Using the software? Changing the jailbreaking system? Using the recording pen when calling? However, did you think there are reliable way to us?


Firstly, the recorder app is charge the fee by per minute, it’s to expensive for us. Second, Jailbreaking the ios system, who should be responsible for your after-sales service? If there occur some problems, it’s also need money to change a new system. Lastely, Using a recoding pen? Are you willing to take it all the day? What should we do when there has a urgent call but you did not has recorder pen?
Well, now, let me introduce you a most convenient way, it did not need jailbreak, app, or recorder pen. It is designed for iPhone but Android mobile phone can also used.It can record voice only by press one key, easy to use with nice appearance. It is Waytronic Recordable Earphone. 
1.Small size, easy to carry. Able to listen to songs, answer calls, record;
2.Easy to use, just press button to record. Automatic voice prompt. 3.Copy the recording files out from the earphone connected to computer via USB cable;
4.Built in 200MA lithium battery, continuous recording up to 5 hours.
5.Good sound quality, stereo clear bass playback.
The function of this earphone is far from above, to know more information,Please leave us a message and we will get back to you in the first time.http://www.wtvoice.com/

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