Elevator Voice Reminder

The elevator voice reminder,Elevator Voice annnouncer device,bluetooth voice call recorder,digital telephone call recorder,telephone voice prompts,advertising promotion strategy,redbox phone recording,voice advertising device for elevator ,Elevator automatic announcer all is installed in the elevator.we are professional manufacturer,supplier. It has a built-in high-performance MCU and voice chip to play mp3 audio files. Users can replace voice content with a USB flash drive to meet different broadcast content requirements. Widely used in elevator floor reminders, floor voice navigation, sightseeing elevator / cable car scenic spot introduction, public security warning system, elevator voice advertising. The device is suitable for all types of elevators and is easy to install.

Best-selling elevator floor announcer

This is a voice announcer for elevator. Adopt high-performance single chip and professional voice chip. Support MP3 audio format, adopt the altitude sensor.

Escalator safety reminder device

This Kingsound player is a kind of smart human body induction voice prompting device, aluminium alloy housing, with external device control and external input control function. escalator Safety reminder

Elevator Parts Elevator Voice Floor Announcer

This is a voice announcer for elevator,actually, not only as a elevator floor voice announcer, lift voice indicator, but also as a elevator floor voice advertiser.

Newest Elevator Floor Voice Announcer

This Voice Announcer is a floor announcement system designed for elevators, not only a floor announcer

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