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It is well known that Apple mobile phones can't call recording.In addition,bluetooth voice call recorder,digital telephone call recorder,telephone voice prompts,advertising promotion strategy,redbox phone recording,some Android versions of mobile phones are no longer supporting call recording.For business people,what should be done to record some important content during the call or forensic content on special occasions In response to the above requirements, our company has developed a series of phone recording products,which are born for the non-call recording function of Apple mobile phones.Of course, Android phones can also be used.This product is easy to use,simple in appearance,and when not need recording function,it is the same as common earphones, you can wear it to listen to music.In addition,we are continuing to extend the recording series,for example,we have recently developed a fixed-line recording box.

Wireless Bluetooth Call Recorder Earphone

Description of this Wireless Bluetooth Call Recorder Earphone How to record when Apple phone is on the phone? Where is the recording function of Apple phone call?

Newest Phone Call Record Earphone

Newest Phone Call Record Earphone is based on advanced Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth automatically starts mobile APP after power-on. It supports automatic recording mode, which can automatically record any call.

Cheap Price Bluetooth Phone Call Recording

This is a mobile phone Bluetooth call recorder, against the cell phone radiation when answering the call.

High Quality Landline Phone Recorder Box

This recorder box is designed for telephone call recording, adopt wireless Bluetooth transmission technology

Hot Sale Phone Call Recording Earphone

Using Waytronic call recording earphone, you don’t need to jailbreak your phone or install the third-party App.

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