What should I consider when choosing a voice prompter?

What should I consider when choosing a voice prompter?

2019-05-17 16:31:58


There are more and more products that can automatically broadcast voices, such as small devices that are automatically welcome in the store, electronic toys that can be audible, self-service machines, etc. These products need to be installed with voice prompts in order to automatically make sounds. In this way, when the sensor receives the sensing information or the operation command, the correct voice content is played. So what do you need to look at when choosing a voice prompter for your product?

What are the aspects to consider when choosing a voice prompter?

1, sensitivity

Since it is a self-playing voice device, when the command is triggered, it should immediately react and play the correct voice content. Therefore, when selecting a product, you should not only find an affordable voice prompter, but also look at its sensitivity. To ensure the speed, the voice file can be played immediately according to the program settings after the sensor or operation command is issued.

2, the clarity of the voice

The purpose of installing a voice prompter for a product is to enable others to hear specific content, improve people's attention and service experience, and lose the value if the voice played by the voice prompter is ambiguous. Therefore, when selecting a product, you should set up a voice file and play it out to listen to it. See if you can clearly put out each word.

3, the size of the size

Some electronic products are not very large in size. If the volume of the voice prompter is too large, it cannot be installed in the electronic product. Therefore, when you purchase it, you can look at the volume and size of the voice prompter one by one. Try to choose a voice prompter that meets your product's size requirements, so as not to expand the product volume and increase the manufacturing cost because of the prompter.

If you want to choose the most suitable voice prompter for your product, you must carefully select it, not only to understand which voice prompter is more professional, but also to understand the characteristics of other aspects, only to ensure that the voice is clear and sensitive. It can be purchased quickly and in size to meet the volume requirements of its own products.

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