Elevator Voice Advertising Machine

Nowadays,advertisements are everywhere,and advertisements on escalators are not uncommon.bluetooth voice call recorder,digital telephone call recorder,telephone voice prompts,advertising promotion strategy,redbox phone recording,,In response to the above requirements,we have also developed various types of elevator voice advertising machine to meet the needs of the market,such as small voice prompts,metal shell voice prompts,etc.These products can not only provide voice reminders,warm reminders,but also play slogans,to get the effect of advertising.Some basic functions in the elevator still need to be available, such as elevator voice report floor, up and down reminders, background music playback, etc. Note that there are some devices on the market that do not have such a function. I suggest that you choose to bring In addition to these functions, such a function of the device, by the way, do some slogan prompts, this is the elevator voice advertising machine, generally divided into stand-alone version and online version.

Elevator Parts Elevator Voice Floor Announcer

This is a voice announcer for elevator,actually, not only as a elevator floor voice announcer, lift voice indicator, but also as a elevator floor voice advertiser.

Newest Elevator Floor Voice Announcer

This Voice Announcer is a floor announcement system designed for elevators, not only a floor announcer

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