Vehicle Safety Reminder Horn

The vehicle safety reminder horn is a simple voice prompter.bluetooth voice call recorder,digital telephone call recorder,telephone voice prompts,advertising promotion strategy,redbox phone recording,Used for Security voice prompter,Security voice prompter loudspeaker,Safe driving reminder,low price ande high quality,It can be used to remind the vehlicle driver for safety driving when the power is turned on . The voice can be selected according to the trigger port.All internal tracks/single play can be played back in a loop, which can be expanded to multiple trigger play modes. This series of products is also very convenient to change the voice,either to use the TF card to update the internal voice of the speaker, or connect the machine to the computer with a USB cable to change the audio.

Medium-sized Industrial alarm horn

This horn siren with beacon light is middle-sized, audible and visual alarm device. Widely used in industry, giving warning signals through alarm sound and flashing light

Top Selling Small Loudspeaker Alarm Siren

This product is a simple voice prompter speaker. Once connected to the power supplies, it can work, even play all inner songs round.

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