MP3 Player Board

Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter.The supply of MP3 player board is a Voice decoder board, bluetooth voice call recorder,digital telephone call recorder,telephone voice prompts,advertising promotion strategy,redbox phone recording,MP3 player module,MP3 audio player board,support AC8~18V,or DC8~18V wide voltage,MP3 format,stereo audio output,audio was saved in SD card, and can be updated through SD card directly and easily.Play different mp3 files by corresponding connected buttons/ switches one by one.the voice player body A mounting slot is defined in the inner wall of each of the two sides, and the mounting slot is movably mounted with a mounting block.

30-way MP3 player board

This product uses WT9501M03 as the voice processing core, matches MAGE8 MCU, supports 30 independent voice triggers, supports playing 44.1KHz MP3 audio and WAV audio

10-way MP3 player board

Description of this 10-way MP3 player board First of all, thank you for being our customer and using our own 10-way voice playback board. This product has the characteristics of simple operation,

20-Channel MP3 Player board

“20-Channel MP3 Player board” is a member of multi-channel playback board ,supporting a total of 20-port trigger . This product supports a high- priority audio input ,

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