Mini Voice Prompter

At present, Mini voice prompter types include Prompt for Shop Entrance Door,bluetooth voice call recorder,digital telephone call recorder,telephone voice prompts,advertising promotion strategy,redbox phone recording,Welcome doorbell sensor,Automatic voice prompter,outdoor voice prompter.we are manufacturer,have factory. infrared human body induction (one-way) , direction recognition human body induction ( two-way ), timed human body induction voice prompt, and door magnetic induction voice prompt.The Mini voice prompter,means that it has small size, low volume sound and easy to install features.Nowadays, in order to make their products more competitive, many manufacturers have made a lot of efforts in the appearance of gift boxes. In life, we often see a variety of exquisite packaging in supermarkets or shopping malls, but traditional gift boxes are basically the same. Although some gift boxes are made of good materials and beautiful appearance, they are also expensive, so that consumers feel that money is wasted on the packaging and cannot highlight the value of the gift itself.

Infrared human body induction speech prompter

Infrared human body induction speech prompter is a technology based on infrared pyroelectric principle to sense human activity information.

Infrared Motion Sensor Sound Player

When detecting the human body passing by, it can identify direction accurately and play voice, such as give warm prompt, safety prompt, welcome greeting at the first time. According to the different applications,

Newest door magnetic burglar alarm

This voice prompt device is small in appearance and loud in sound; for Door and Window Alarm offers a effective and inexpensive DIY home security solution to help protect you and your belongings with a 108dB alarm that sounds when a door or window is opened

voice prompter for Entrance Door

This talking product is one of our vioce prompt devices, small and exquisite, easy to carry, with high tone quality; adopt human body induction detection technology, sensitive, intelligent trigger play voice.

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